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Warren "Buddy"  McNatt

December 8th, 1945 - September 11th, 2023

Warren “Buddy” McNatt was born on December 8th, 1945, in Elkton  at Union Hospital. He died September 11th, 2023, at the age of 77 at Christiana hospital in Newark, DE. He succumbed to complications from a short 43 day battle with pancreatic cancer.

Warren “Buddy” was preceded in death by his parents David S. and Kathleen (Shahan). Warren was the youngest and last living of 13 children. Warren was preceded in death by siblings; Pauline Biddle, Grace Raspe, David S. McNatt, Jr., Clifton H McNatt, Harvey F McNatt, Foster McNatt, Marie McNatt, Charles McNatt, Kathleen (Dolly) Pouska, Homer C. McNatt,  Elenora L. Howell, and Helen Bayles.

Warren "Buddy" grew up as a farm boy, but at the age of sixteen, ventured out into the world to start his own life. He always said he wanted to run heavy equipment for a living. After a few odd jobs as a young man he ended up working for RA Boyer, of Newark DE, for 40 plus years. He started as a laborer then moved to being a mechanic, then to equipment operator. In his later years moved to position of foreman. After his 40 plus year career with RA Boyer, he again worked as an equipment operator (his true love) with James Julian (JJID) and Daisy Construction. He finished out his life as a retiree and driving “Old Blue” a Mack dump truck for himself. Still enjoying sunrises and sunsets through a windshield.

He is survived by his loving wife of 56 years, Nancy S McNatt. His Son Warren Donald McNatt, Johnny H Williams and Nickolas, his beloved cat. He will be missed and remembered for his smile, commitment to his wife, and passion for life with family and Nickolas, his cat.

Rest in peace, loving husband and father.

“You taught us a lot, but you forgot to teach us how to live without you.”

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