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Traditional Full Service Burial

A full funeral service — also referred to as a “traditional” or “full service” funeral — is the most common funeral type in most cultures. This usually occurs within days of a death and takes place at a church or funeral home. Friends and family gather to view their loved one at either an open or closed-casket ceremony. Because a full service funeral is often, but not always, religious in nature, a pastor or priest will share a few words and a blessing. This can be followed by one or more eulogies given by family or close friends, music and prayers. Once the formal service concludes, attendees will move to the location of the burial or cremation, either a cemetery or crematorium, to finalize the ceremony and pay last respects. On occasion, the family of the deceased holds a reception in their home following the burial or cremation. This is certainly not required of a full service funeral and will depend on each family’s preferences and circumstances. Because this is an incredibly personal event, we customize each burial service to reflect and honor the deceased by working closely with their families.

Starting at $4,500

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